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Outstanding Staff Team Award Winner 2016

SAP infrastructure project


Information Technology Services




In the fall of 2015 it became apparent that the existing AMS/SAP infrastructure which supports all of the main administrative processes for the University including Research, Finance, HR/Payroll, and Facilities and Services needed to be upgraded urgently. The existing infrastructure was unable to support many of critical enhancements planned for the system over the coming months. Requirements for additional security measures, as well as demand for 24/7 hardware support also required some new solutions! With this challenge before them, a cross divisional team from EASI, EIS and ISEA quickly sprang into action. The project required that the team plan, purchase, install, setup and configure new AIX servers, IBM storage servers, and backup servers within a compressed timeframe. To accommodate the new requirements for 24/7 support, the team created two RFPs, one for the hardware and one for the managed services. The new “hybrid cloud” solution would take advantage of our state-of-the-art data center while out-sourcing the 24/7 management of the hardware and operating system. Security within this new environment was paramount as a new design would be required to segregate the hardware from other areas of the data center. Over a six month period the team worked in tandem with the vendors selected to create the new infrastructure. In the final step of the plan, the team had to migrate seventeen existing test and production systems to the new hardware platform while side-stepping several critical business cycles such as the distribution of T4s, grant year-end, and financial year end. The migration was planned and executed almost flawlessly with no impact to the various functional areas. Since the introduction of the new hardware, we have noted performance improvements between 30% and 50% in almost all areas including HR payroll, system backups, and the execution of various reports. In summary, this project was an example of a very successful partnership across the CIO portfolio that provided demonstrable results to stakeholders we can all be very proud of.

Marilee Keogh
Kun Chai
Paul Littlefield
Bruce Hoppe
Danny Mak
Joe Bate
John Calvin
Santino Ardizzi