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Outstanding Staff Team Award Winner 2016

Food Services In-sourcing


Ancillary Services, UO Human Resources


Food Services, Chestnut Residence, Ancillary Services administrative staff and UO Human Resources


This nomination is for the core team involved in the first phase of Food Services transition from contracted to self-operated (this work will continue with an even larger team over the next year). This is a transformational project, and has required intense amounts of work from numerous staff within Food Services, but also from other managers and staff in Ancillary Services, and University Operations. We have had to restructure budgets, build a new organization chart, write job descriptions, meet with and prepare close to 250 offer packages for new and returning employees, schedule benefits orientation sessions, buy trucks, communicate with our clients across the campus, create a commissary production facility, purchase and program new cash registers, write an RFP for food production software, develop new in-house branding for food outlets and our new campus catering service, build new and exciting menus and a new website, negotiate franchise agreements, respond to media inquiries, figure out how to network over 30 new debit/credit terminals, develop a cash deposit system, and renovate our head office to accommodate additional staff.....all while continuing to maintain services to the campus, and planning for two new food outlets at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Music.

Jaco Lokker
Paul Readings
Bellmia Ravindran
Amanda Chapman
Edward Low
Gayle McBurnie
Susan Duncan
Cristina Minichini
Todd Baril
Alison Coulter