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Outstanding Staff Team Award Winner 2016

Electrician Team, Thanksgiving 2015


Facilities and Services


Facilities & Services Electricians


The nomination reads simply: “It was Thanksgiving Weekend 2015. Contractors cut the High Voltage line that feeds Fitzgerald. Our Electricians got the power restored.”

But there’s much more to this story. Our trades are often the unsung heroes on campus; this is yet another example of the team pulling together to get us back on track again. Not only was the cut unexpected, it was as a result of non-U of T work on-going in the area AND on a long weekend. Lack of power put research at Fitzgerald at risk, but Blair and his team worked diligently and creatively throughout the holiday weekend email to ensure that the power supply to freezers was maintained, and that no research was lost.
We know how grateful the research team was and, while the electrical team would likely say “all in a day’s work” we know that this was above and beyond. We expect nothing less from our Trades, but they always put in more.

Grant Gallichan
Marven Chin
Dean Hinds
Bruce Thompson
Glen Murray (now retired)
San-Moon Chao
Greg Siomis
Terry Fischer and
Steve Carnevale